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Natural Disaster Recovery Guide

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The storm could be deadly. That's why emergency weather management facilities sends a serious warning as before to protect the lives of our children, home and community.

We know to stay inside during bad weather and to unplug the television and computer us because we know that in bad weather bad things can happen. If you are looking for the Disaster Recovery Guide, then you can refer to this source: Home – Everest Effect.

We know to prepare ahead of time by keeping a watchful eye on storm tracking and stocking up on the resources needed to pass safely, such as flashlight batteries, bottled water, first aid kits and other essential survival supplies.

The most important thing to focus on is this: "DO NOT MAKE A BAD SITUATION WORSE!"

Keep this single thought in mind as you begin to sort out the process to stabilize yourself and your loved ones who have been affected by the storm. During storms goal is to be safe while still alive whatever nature threw roads; scorching hot, the ground shaking beneath your feet or your home into a strong wind and rain.

After the disaster is over and the storm passed, the goal is to quickly rebuild a normal life routine that you have in your personal and professional life before the hurricane hit.

If you get focused on rebuilding, you will be able to spend your energy in positive ways instead of being in a mental fog of confusion, mixed with panic or remorse.