As much as it is important for you to know most things about diabetes, including medications for the treatment, it is also important to know this warning:

Never take drugs or anti-diabetic insulin injection without consultation with a qualified doctor, not even a worker to the nurse or health. More importantly, never take a diabetic or hypertensive medication because you have previous experience or prescription drugs prescribed by your doctor regularly for you. 

You can consult a doctor and add those medicines as a reminder in some reminder app. You can make use of medication management app for this purpose. If you want to know the various medication options for diabetes, you can read out at

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These warnings should be taken seriously as the disease itself. Studies have shown that self-medication accounts for about 30% of deaths in diabetic patients. In fact, the anti-diabetic or insulin injection drugs, if taken without professional guidance, bring a diabetic patient closer to the grave than the disease itself.

The most important thing that keeps the operation of the brain is glucose (sugar). It is the main source of energy for the brain.

Strikingly, other cells of the body can survive for a while with minimal sugar but not the brain. There is a certain level of sugar in the blood that guarantees the survival of the brain. Below this limit could be life-threatening.