Recruiting new employees is quite a task. Big or small, companies need thorough screening and in-depth evaluation on both intellectual skill and emotional skill of a person. While any jobs can be exceedingly attractive to jobseekers, it simply does not mean prospective candidates can be perfect for the position. This is why it sometimes entails more time and effort to reach out to a greater number of interested applicants, so companies can have the chance to choose the cream of the crop and be reassured of their new recruits. It is fortunate, though, that employers can now use free job posting sites in Canada.

Posting jobs can come with a big price. In the past, there were community bulletin boards available for public use. These were very helpful to both employers and jobseekers. However, postings were only visible to a limited audience. And people who did not have the patience to check the boards from time to time that they easily missed out an opportunity to apply for jobs that could have fit them well.

Newspaper postings, on the other hand, are relatively costly and have never been available for free. Sure, employers have budget for the recruitment cost. But, it is also easy to spend it all away even before a desired applicant is found. Companies have to pay every time their postings appear in the dailies. And this for sure demands a big chunk especially if the available position is only meant to be filled with one.

Qualified candidates are not expected to be found in days. Sometimes, they simply come out of the blue after a very long haul. If the available position is intended for one person, the more likely this remains open for a longer period of time. One practical reason for this phenomenon is that companies normally wait for the best candidate to fill it in. It is too risky to hire the wrong individual.

The same thing holds true when it comes to running a radio ad. In fact, this can be a lot costlier than the dailies. The only advantage of this that several people are likely to hear the current job hiring and these people can pass the information on their unemployed relatives and friends. Not a bad idea for sure, but this is quite a thing in the past with the Internet around.

Choosing to advertise online is a potent option that frees employers from enormous recruitment expenses as well as the laborious trips to print or broadcast advertisers. The world wide web is capable of reaching even the remotest part of the region. And the fact that this is often for free is beneficial enough to any advertisers.

Employers, however, need to come to grips with the policies of the websites. Policies are necessarily imposed and followed in any undertaking, and this platform specially needs religious obedience for all its users. There have been scams especially online. Both parties have the duty to protect each one involved.

Some websites have free subscription while others charge a few bucks. Users should be aware of the free 30-day trial, too. When trial expires, they need to pay for their subscription, otherwise, be taken off from the job listings. They can try other sites if they do not intend to spend for their online postings.

It is good to reach out to a number of potential candidates for an available position. However, it always takes deliberate effort and some cost to be able to get to the right recruits. Having these sites is a great advantage to any employers. And for them to pay back for free their advertisement, they can help spread the existence of their advertisers so more and more companies can benefit them, too.