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Why Opening a Wine Bottle in a Correct Manner Matters?

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When it comes to serving wine, knowing how to serve it is important. Since a corkscrew is used to open a wine bottle, it is important to let the wine breathe for a while as well as know what temperature suits best before it is served. This information will help you to understand as to why opening a wine bottle in a correct manner matters the most.

  1. Storing the Wine – Storing the wine bottle in its preferred temperature is very important. The appropriate temperature for storing the wine is in the region of 21 degrees Celsius. However, if you can’t find such type of environment, then you can use the fridge. Storing the wine bottle inside the fridge helps the wine to maintain its flavor, aroma for a longer duration and also avoid from getting spoilt.
  2. Let it Breathe – After opening a wine bottle, finishing it on the same day or night is fine. However, there are certain types of wines where the flavor starts becoming more intense only after allowing air to get mixed with the wine. Cabernet Sauvignon is a young wine that requires an hour deliver its maximum flavors after it is opened. 
  3. Opening the Bottle Correctly – It is important to know that corkscrew is usually the only tool that helps to open a wine bottle. Other tools are not recommended when it comes to opening the wine bottle.
  4. Preserve the Unfinished Bottle – If a wine bottle does not get finished, then covering the tip of the bottle with the help of a corkscrew is a must.

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